The walls go up

Not even rainy days can stop construction progress at Harnish! We know it's been a little noisy, but we promise it will be worth it. Work on the addition focused mainly on getting metal studs in place in order to build those exterior walls. Inside the building, it wasn't unusual to see ceiling title pulled down and workers up on ladders with their heads "inside the ceiling" as they worked on mechanical systems and wiring. 

view 1

view 3

view 2

Construction Continues at Harnish

Over the last few weeks, library visitors and staff have watched as the main library’s 8,000-square-foot addition took shape. We’ve all enjoyed watching concrete forms go into place, the pouring of the foundation wall, steel floor forms being laid down, the additional of a floor water barrier, pour of the concrete slab on both levels, and a lot of other activity. Something is new every time we look out the window!

In the next week or so, the exterior walls will go up, so we’ll lose our “bird’s eye view” into the construction, but we’ll keep you posted regarding progress. We also anticipate work on the roof to take place in the next couple of weeks and apologize in advance for any noise and/or inconvenience.building rear


Materials Shifting: Youth Services

On Friday, September 22, Harnish closed so that staff could collect and box duplicate and low-circulating Youth Services books for storage during construction. It was a very productive day, with thousands of books placed carefully in storage boxes and labelled for easy retrieval. These items will be moving off site this week, but right now they are staged near the 1st floor construction wall and in several staff areas. If you have any questions about books you need in Youth Services, please stop by the desk and staff will help you! In most cases, we can borrow what you need within 2-3 days via interlibrary loan.

boxes in AS









carts in staff hall

Community Rock Project

In late August/early September, cardholders and community members alike had an opportunity to be part of the foundation of the new addition. A display by the main entrance featured a supply of rocks that people could sign or write a brief message on. More than 250 people contributed to the project, signing their names and/or adding messages of support and love for their library.

On September 13, Assistant Director Sara Murray and Executive Director Stephen Bero laid the rocks on the layer of sand. The rocks were later covered by the foundation aggregate and will forever remain a symbol how our community truly is the foundation for the library.



Sights and Sounds of Construction

As those of you who visited Harnish the week of September 4 found out, construction can be LOUD! On September 5 and 6, the brick face of the exterior was removed. On September 7 and 8, the exterior framing and windows were pulled off the building and we heard all kinds of crashing, breaking, and screeching.

On September 8, the ceiling above the partition wall in Adult Services was closed in, which should help to minimize the noise and protect the library from weather and debris until the addition is enclosed.



Prepping for Construction

In early August, the construction crew excavated and cleared the addition site. We all got a good look at the action until the week of August 7,  when the partition walls along the big windows in both Adult Services and Youth Services were installed. It’s exciting to think about when the walls come down, the view will be entirely different!

The ground was rumbling the week of August 14 as the auger dug and the geopiers were put in place. The deep, compacted columns of rock will serve as the support for the foundation.





Your Library Under Construction

The long-awaited construction project at the Harnish Main Library is underway!

In addition to the big double gate for construction traffic to pass through the fenced area, a separate construction traffic entrance drive has been constructed on Harnish Drive just east of the regular entrance. Please be careful as you walk and drive through our parking lot.

Next time you’re at the library, be sure to look out our back windows to get a glimpse of the progress.

pic_construction_update2pic_construction_update1Inside the library, smaller collections have moved to make room for the construction of a temporary “wall” where the addition will be tied into the existing building.  For example, on the lower level we have moved youth magazines to a space near the youth foreign language collection.  The youth foreign language AV collection has been sent to storage during construction. Upstairs, classical music CD’s have been shifted and the Classics collection has been moved into storage. Magazines and newspapers are now located by the nonfiction section (west side of the library). If you need help finding materials, please ask! Library staff is happy to help you. If an item you need has been put in storage, we will help you borrow it through interlibrary loan.

The Harnish Main Library will be closed on Friday, September 22 as we work to manage and move materials either to alternate locations in the library or into storage. Many of our collections will be impacted, and we ask for your patience and understanding throughout this process. We all look forward to new and improved spaces once construction is completed in September 2018.