In-Person Printing

Visitors and patrons can print documents using our computers or via Wi-Fi. The following charges apply:

  • Black & white 8-1/2 x 11 and legal size pages = 10 cents per page
  • Color 8-1/2 x 11 and legal size pages = 50 cents per page
  • Black & white 11 x 17 - 20 cents per page
  • Color 11 x 17 - $1 per page

Duplex (two sided printing) is charged per side. Please ask staff for assistance in printing 11 x 17 documents.

To facilitate the convenience of printing and to be able to continue to provide this service to the community while library buildings are closed, most print jobs will be completed and delivered at the drive-thru at no cost. We reserve the right to charge for large print jobs.

Remote Printing

You may print remotely using your laptop or mobile device using the library's wireless printing services provided by ePRINTit. Questions? Please ask at the Adult Services Desk. Many common file formats can be printed; please see the portal pages (main, branch) for a list of supported file types.

During COVID-19 related closings, you may still submit prints to pick up. If you wish to print please follow the instructions below and then call the library location to let staff know you sent a print and to make sure your documents have printed correctly. We will also collect some information to make sure that the print is going to the correct person.

  • Main Harnish Drive Thru Location: 847-458-6060 X143
  • Eastgate Branch Curbside Pick Up Location: 847-658-4343

Make sure to select blank & white or color printing as necessary. This cannot be changed later without resending the print job.

There are three easy ways to print wirelessly.

  1. Email: you may send or forward an email to one of the four wireless printers. The library has a black-and-white and color printer at each location. You will receive a confirmation email with an access code. You will need this code to retreive your print jobs. When you retrieve your print job you will see at least two jobs. One is the email itself, and the the others are files you attached. You are not required to print all the jobs if you do not require them.
  2. Upload: you may upload your file to the library's ePRINTit portal (main, branch) where it will provide you a total cost and confirmation. Choose a location to retrieve your printouts below.
  1. App: ePRINTit provides apps for mobile devices (iOS / Android) that allow direct printing.