A big thanks to our community!

As we began the 2015 holiday season, the Giving Trees went up at the Harnish Main Library and the Eastgate Branch library. In prior years, the Library put up trees to support Hearts of Gold out of Lake in the Hills. Unfortunately, that organization disbanded at the end of 2014, so staff sought another community organization that would benefit from the generosity of our patrons.

More than 350 paper mittens decorated our trees, with each mitten representing a child in our school district. After a few weeks in our lobbies, there were no mittens left! When the gifts were brought to the library, we was overwhelmed by our community's generosity. Overall, people responded by giving twice as much as was requested by the children and their families. Several rolls of holiday wrapping paper were also provided.

Library staff volunteered their time as elves and wrapped the presents in "Gift Central" (formerly the Board Room). When it came time for the organization's contact to pick up the presents, she had to call for an additional two vehicles to assist her with transporting all the gifts!

We are honored and humbled to be part of such a generous community. Thank you for your participation in the 2015 Holiday Giving Tree Program.

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