Newly Renovated Restrooms

Back in March, the public restrooms at our main library located on Harnish began to be renovated. Luckily, construction was able to continue even during the time that the library was closed, and now, they are nearly completed!

Both sets of restrooms (upstairs by Bill's Book Nook and downstairs by the large meeting room) have been completely renovated. Now sporting matching tile work, new high-powered hand dryers (which we promise are quieter than before!), new stalls, and new fixtures, these restrooms are now as state-of-the-art as the virtual library services we offer.

New to the restrooms is the aforementioned hand dryers, automatic faucets, and automated door operators for easier access, ensuring that the restrooms are all-inclusive for our community members. This was our top priority as we laid out the plans for the restroom renovations, and we're proud to say we achieved it.

Please excuse any last minute progress on the restrooms as we perfect the restrooms! We appreciate everyone's patience as they come into the library now more than ever, and we are so happy to have some modern additions in the building.

One of the new (quieter) hand dryers