Changes Coming to Overdrive

Some changes to how Overdrive's Holds function are on the horizon, and they will be user focused in one of the most efficient ways! These new updates will prevent situations where multiple holds are coming in at the same time, and you don't have time to read them all.

Now, books will no longer be automatically checked out to you. Instead, you will be notified when your items arrive via a push notification on your desired device. There is potential that in the future, you will also be alerted via email if requested.

There will be a 72 hour wait period automatically in place so that you have time to check out the item or suspend your hold. This way, things won't just be moved along to the next person in line automatically. If no action is taken, the hold will automatically be suspended for seven days. After those seven days, it will be canceled.

Overdrive and Libby are two of the best ways to check out eBooks and media. With these new updates, you can get back to reading!