Be an Informed (and Registered) Voter

As the November 2016 election looms large, the Library is here to help you separate fact from fiction. Want to register to vote? We’ll point you in the right direction. Want to know what the candidates really stand for? We’ll help you with that research. Want to check if a candidate has the facts straight about important issues? We’ve got resources for that too.pic_tranformelection

First, we encourage you to register to vote. Although the November 8 election deadline has passed for registering to vote by mail or online, you can register to vote in-person through November 8. On a national level, can give you answers about voter eligibility and the registration process. Additional information can be found through local county clerk offices:

McHenry County Clerk’s Office
Kane County Clerk’s Office
Lake County Clerk’s Office
DuPage County Clerk’s Office

The Presidential Election is forefront on our minds, but important local elections will also take place in November. Find information about your current elected officials and candidates using the following links:

BallotReady (enter your address to see your ballot)
Illinois State Board of Elections
Village of Algonquin
Village of Lake in the Hills

Media coverage of candidates often consists of sound bites and speech highlights, with a good dose of choice words for their opponents. But sometimes you just want the facts. We’ve vetted a few nonpartisan fact-checking sites, as well as resources for both sides of arguments regarding controversial issues:

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