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Illinois Junior Academy of Science

Make sure that you have followed all of the guidelines set forth by the Illinois Junior Academy of Science, which can be found in the Policy and Procedure manual on their website. Be ready for the District 300 Science Fair and the Regional Science Fair at Northern Illinois University!

Getting Started

Science Buddies - Steps of the Scientific Method

Science Stuff - The Scientific Method and Steps of a Science Fair Project

Science Fair Central - Sample Timeline

Choosing a Topic and Project

Science Buddies - Topic Selection Wizard
Take a quick survey to determine your interests.

San Francisco's Exploratorium Museum - Science "Snacks"
Step-by-step instructions for a variety of projects from the Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception.

Science Fair Central - Choose a Project Idea
Look at easy or more complex questions in Life Science, Earth Science, or Physical Science.

How to Write Citations in APA Style

Style Wizard
Fill in the blanks and click to have a citation created for you. Helpful hints are given to make sure you enter the information correctly.

Citation Machine
Fill in a simple form and click to generate a citation. Citation Machine has been updated and now creates more accurate citations, even if you are missing some information (ie, author's name not available).

Always check your citations to make sure they are correct. Online citation generators are helpful but are only as accurate as the information you provide

How to Present Your Project

Science Fair Central - How to Deliver a Good Oral Presentation
Be prepared when the time comes to present your project to your classmates and judges! Chemistry - How to Write a Science Project Report
Follow these suggestions for what to include in your report. Chemistry - Make a Science Fair Poster or Display
Be sure to include all the required parts on your display board.

NCES Kids' Zone - Create a Graph
Use this easy program to create professional looking graphs for your paper and display board.

Information for Parents


Science Fair Central - Parent Resources
Parents - find your role in your child's science fair project. Learn how to help your child choose and complete a project without doing the project yourself!

Chicago Parent Magazine - Science Fairs: Taking Learning to a Whole New Level

Super Science Fair Projects - Parent's Guide to Science Fairs

Try Science - The Parent Page

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